Tweetakt Kaap – Best Dutch Dance Solo Mathilde

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Finally it was time for Mathilde to dance her Solo on the music of Frozen. We started in November and in March we were asked to perform at Tweetakt- Kaap festival, Utrecht. The evening was an competition for the Best Dutch and Belgium Dance Solo 2015. Mathilde and I were very happy that we got invited to show our work. 

The day started at 15:00 we had an hour  to run/ rehearsal. The evening was explained and we run it trough a couple of times. After that we had enough time to wonder around the city, wait and rehearse a little bit longer on the small stage. At 17:30 we had dinner with all the dancers and staff. Afterwards 19:00 we did a run trough with all the dancers. It was very nice to see that all the solo’s were performed by professionals. Everyone had their own style and expertise. It was amazing to see Mathilde in between all these dancers. 

At 20:00/20:30 the show started and Mathilde was just after the break. It was the first time she danced alone on a stage. Se was nervous but did her thing, shining on stage. Also because it was in an theatre there were amazing lights and disco balls. after a long day, lots of distraction, amazing the lights and the audience that made Mathilde nervous, she did an amzing job!

Photographer: Anna van Kooij





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