Plastic bag

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Looking for a new object made me think about recycled material. As I get the most usable ideas when i am looking around in a second hand shop or on the streets. Recycling is what we all love therefore we have found the plastic bag. They are strong easy to carry and they are a popular container in most of the world. Also because we worked with inflatables before this was a logical ‘next step’.

With this item ‘The pastic bag’ we have worked lately and it has been fun.We started with looking for bags that were suitable. They had to be strong and colour made a difference. At the moment we choose for white because if we would performing in a theatre we can work with lights & water. Lights behind and in the bag makes it into something magical. Even a bag filled with water (maybe reflecting the light) makes it into an instant art object, or seeing one flying in the sky.

Its wonderfull how such an abstract thing can bring you new ideas and movements. However, we only worked for 1 month, so there is much more to gain from this object. We shortly worked on a small piece of 4 min, ‘De ode aan de plastic zak’. At the moment its an outdoor piece that we will perform on the 4th of July. There will be no lights because you won’t see them outdoors. However, the wind might blow them away and something interesting might happen…


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